The LuxFootball community started following the passion for football of employees from top 100 companies from Luxembourg. Two years ago was organised for the first time an informal short summer cup, for the period of one month, called Lux Summer League.

As the players enjoyed the event, they expressed the desire for an official organised permanent league that can better replicate the experience of professional football, accessible for anyone that has the passion for sports and football in particular.

In this moment the entire event is organised in collaboration with a non-profit organisation specialised in events management (LuxJoin ASBL N° Registre du commerce: F11870). Since then, it has received a positive feedback and we are looking forward to start the league in March 2019.


LuxFootball is the first amateur permanent football league in Luxembourg. It engages an audience that created a community through which we promote a healthy lifestyle based on sport and social interaction.

For the teams and players, our objective is to create a realistic football experience for people of all ages who are passionate about football but they didn't have the chance to play at a professional level. Therefore, we propose for the first time in Luxembourg, an amateur league which has many features from the professional football, such as pro referees, official FIFA rules, video recording of the games which will be live streamed and published on LuxFootball web TV channel, advanced statistics, prizes, insurance etc.

For sponsors, LuxFootball means an unique marketing opportunity to promote products, services and rise sponsors’ prestige, create awareness, build audience loyalty, an excellent activation opportunity for any type of marketing campaigns and access to a dedicated network audience.


The registered football teams are composed mainly but not limited to corporations based in Luxembourg and couple of teams of the large companies (e.g. Amazon, Vodafone, PWC, EmailTree.ai, JP Morgan, Banque de Luxembourg, Liberty Pharma) already confirmed their participation, even before the registration period started.

The age of players is expected to range between 20 - 50 years old, gender male. They have a higher level of education and higher incomes than the average population. Therefore, we consider that this category of people can provide a higher interest in looking for the products and services offered by the sponsors.

Moreover, working in a multicultural environment in large international companies, the entire football experience will be shared with the employees from other headquarters around the world. As the majority of the players are expats, they will share with friends and families from Luxembourg and abroad, increasing the audience outside the Luxembourg region. In total, we estimate around 18000 raw audience size in the first season.


There are a number of channels where the sponsors will be promoted, as described below:


LuxFootball TV



Promotional materials

Gala event


Online community platforms