corporate social responsibility

LuxFootball offers a great opportunity for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Our corporate social responsibility policy takes a number of different forms, such as promotion of non-profit organisations and startups, contributions to sustainable development and providing a networking environment which facilitate the interaction between corporates, startups and organisations. We have four main pillars.
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Health and Sport

We strive to improve the employees’ quality of life because it is essential to individual and their companies' performance, but also to society as a whole. The LuxFootball league offers a great opportunity to practice sport as a team, consolidating the relationship between colleagues from the same company. Moreover, if you have a startup in the health and sport domain, you can apply 


We foster the innovation, business development and cross-sector cooperation by promoting startups which are active in sustainable living and clean technologies. LuxFootball supports the startups which develop new capabilities in the clean technologies field, contribute to the development of new environmental solutions in the field of eco-technologies and raise the public awareness for the uptake of “green technologies”. Another objective is to support the development of new collaborative projects of common interest and to encourage the networking between public and private actors on the national and the international level.


Education is not only vital to personal development, but also a major factor in driving progress. We recognise the key role that education plays in developing a highly skilled workforce in Luxembourg. In this sense, Luxfootball promotes the organisations and startups which are active in the education process of any type.


Innovating means constantly striving to surpass existing achievements, and is one of our core values. Through our dedicated innovation centre, we are looking to promote our sponsors and startups which apply to . We have secured partnerships with major local players, most notably incubators that support the development of the Luxembourg economy by encouraging innovation. In this way, we are supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition, LuxFootball supports innovative projects by events to promote FinTech start-ups.