Official Rules

1. The Referee

1.1. Each match is controlled by an official referee who has full authority to enforce the LuxFootball Laws of the Game in connection with the match to which he has been appointed. 

1.2. The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final. Please provide the referee with the due respect he/she deserves.

2. No Offside

2.1. There will be a 'NO OFFSIDE' rule in all LuxFootball matches.

2.2. There is no prohibition for players to remain in the opposition half of the pitch. 

3. The Duration of the Match

3.1. Matches in the LuxFootball Championship will last two equal periods of 40 /45 minutes (to be decided), unless otherwise mutually agreed between the referee and the two participating teams. Any agreement to alter the periods of play (for example to reduce each half to 35 minutes because of heavy rain) must be made before the start of play and must comply with competition rules.


4. Yellow Card / Red Card

4.1. Normal red and yellow card rules will apply this year. There is no sin bin rule.


5. "6 Yard Box" Rule

5.1. When there is a free kick for the attacking team, no attacking player can enter the 6 yard box until the ball is struck. This means that if any attacking player is in the 6 yard box when the ball is struck, this will essentially be off-side and a free kick will be awarded to the defending team. Once the freekick is taken, players are then free to enter the box and attack the ball. However, please note that the player will not be able to stand in the box and obstruct the keeper.

5.2. Those of you familiar with Gaelic football will recognize this as the 'Square Ball Rule'.

6. Home venue

6.1. Each team must have a home pitch to play the home matches. We can accept in exceptional cases teams without home venue, but first priority will have the teams with a home venue.

7. Substitutions

7.1. There is an unlimited number of substitutions. The substitutions can be done anytime, from a single place designated in advance, without game interruption.

All other FIFA association football rules apply. For more information consult the IFAB's web page (